Jacksonville AC Filter Replacement

There are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality HVAC system. For one thing, air conditioning helps you to stay cool and comfortable in the summer. In an area like Jacksonville, where temperatures rise quickly, it has become an essential part of family homes and small businesses.

While a sophisticated AC unit can be very powerful, it’s not magic.

If you want it to perform well and improve your indoor air quality, you have to maintain it. This is something that Elite AC LLC can help you with because we specialize in Jacksonville HVAC technology. Our tailored servicing and maintenance packages are all you need for a smooth summer.

The Importance of Cleaning Your AC Filters

Let's keep the system flowing.

There are lots of working, moving parts inside an air conditioning system. They are all susceptible to wear and tear, but a little routine maintenance can extend their life. As many of these basic care tasks depend on access to the internal components, it’s safer to let a company like Elite AC Repair Jacksonville handle them on your behalf.

Click here to find out more about our HVAC maintenance deals. One task that you can and should do, however, is changing the filters. This is really important because they’re designed to capture and hold airborne irritants, allergens, dirt, and debris. Once they’re full, they need to be removed and swapped out for clean, fresh filters.

How to Remove and Replace a Dirty AC Filter

Clogged and blocked filters can lead to all kinds of problems. If your AC is not cooling as well as it used to, this may be an indication that the filters are obstructed. You may also notice a change in the air quality. Your home could start to feel overly dusty, dry, or even uncomfortably humid. We’re going to explain, in simple steps, how to replace a dirty air filter.

Step One: Locate Your Filter.

Every Jacksonville HVAC system is a little different. So, you need to work out where your air filter can be found by reading the manual or asking an expert. Click here to send a message to one of our technicians. Give them as much information as possible about the brand and model, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Step Two: Check Your Filter.

Assuming you have the right size and type of filter, it’s time to unwrap the new one and get it ready for the switch. If you’ve got a fiberglass filter, it will need to be replaced once per month. Pleated filters are more common. They can be left for ninety days, but Elite AC recommends changing these ones every month too. It has a big impact on indoor air quality.

Only media filters, which are a lot more sophisticated, can be safely left for longer than two months. They can last as long as half a year, and some varieties are designed to be used for twelve months.

Step Three: Install Your New Filter.

The vast majority of AC filters pull out really easily. They slide out from a snug little slot, and you can go right ahead and push a new one in there. Make sure that it is the right way round because air filters will only function when inserted correctly. Put the filter lid or cap back on, and you can restart your air conditioning again.

If you’re unsure or don’t feel confident doing this by yourself, let a reputable AC repair company help. Elite AC LLC serves homeowners and businesses in the Jacksonville area. So, if you’re in our neighborhood, you’re guaranteed a fast response and very competitive rates.