AC Blowing Hot Jacksonville: Common AC Issues & Solutions

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AC Blowing Hot Jacksonville: Common AC Issues & Solutions

AC Blowing Hot Jacksonville

AC blowing hot Jacksonville? If you live in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Middleburg, Orange Park, Yulee, or other Elite AC LLC locations within Florida, chances are good that you have an AC unit. The chances are even better that you’ve had issues with that unit from time to time.

Air conditioning problems tend to crop up at the worst times imaginable. At Elite AC LLC, we specialize in helping people fix their AC units so they can get back to staying cool. Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of problems that people have with their systems. Here are some very common problems that you can look out for in your AC systems.

Leaking AC

Have you ever gone and checked your AC blowing hot Jacksonville unit only to find an ever growing puddle on the floor? A leaking AC unit is an aggravating problem to have, and it’s a common one that we see. A leaking AC unit will cause the water to back up in your home, so you have to fix the issue as soon as you can.

If your AC unit is leaking, you probably have a clogged condensate drain line. The line is likely clogged with dust, dirt, or mold. By getting rid of these particulates, your drain will be unclogged, and your AC won’t be leaky anymore.

AC Blowing Hot Air

When your AC blowing hot Jacksonville, you have a serious problem. You bought the system to cool down the house, not heat it up! Not to fear, because Elite AC LLC has the solution you need. Your air conditioner probably has an issue with the compressor or outside unit or it is low on refrigerant. These are issues that you can check yourself. You may also have a problem with a return duct being broken or disconnected from outside.

AC Making Loud Noises

So you start up your air conditioning unit for a strikingly hot day in Jacksonville Beach when you instantly know something is wrong. The reason you know something’s wrong is because of the horrible noise coming from the AC unit. The high-pitched wail of the unit makes you want to just deal with the heat and leave the AC off.

Instead, you should check the fan motor bearings. That squealing noise is caused by metal-on-metal scraping. If the bearings are in disrepair, you will probably need to replace the fan motor.

If your unit is making a banging sound, it’s likely caused by an obstruction. If you get rid of that piece that’s in the way of the fan, the banging should go away.

AC Down Completely

There are a few different things you can check to see if your AC unit will come back to life. The motor, the fan, the lines running into the unit – all of these may have some damage.

If your AC unit is completely down, it’s time to call in the professionals. Elite AC LLC is happy to come help you with your down AC unit. We’ll repair, replace, or service the system to get your home back to normal. Our professional team can tackle any AC issues that you might have.