AC Making Loud Noise Jacksonville: 4 Concerning AC Unit Noises and How to Prevent Them

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AC Making Loud Noise Jacksonville: 4 Concerning AC Unit Noises and How to Prevent Them

AC Making Loud Noise Jacksonville: 4 Concerning AC Unit Noises and How to Prevent Them

Is your AC making loud noise Jacksonville, Florida area? Does it rattle or hiss at times? If so, you may need AC maintenance. Jacksonville is a hot and humid area, and you do not want to waste time or mess around without your cooling unit. People and animals can suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke on hot days with a broken AC. Keep reading to discover the top four concerning AC unit noises and how to prevent them, so you do not suffer in the sweltering Florida heat!

  1. Grinding

One of the more worrisome sounds, when your AC is making loud noise Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, or any other Florida city, is grinding. Grinding can indicate that there is something wrong with the internal portion of the outdoor unit. It is generally something like a fan motor that is starting to fail due to a worn out bearing. It is essential to get a tech out to perform AC maintenance. Jacksonville is near water, which causes the temperature to shoot up and make it feel hotter due to the moisture. You want to make sure you get your AC repaired immediately when you hear a grinding sound coming from it to avoid an impending breakdown.

  1. Scraping

Another sound to be aware of when your AC is loud is to listen for a scraping noise. This sound is usually due to the fan blade scraping against something that fell into the outside AC unit. It can also cause a rattling sound depending on what fell into the unit and how it is lodged. Twigs, leaves, pods, and seeds are notorious for falling into the unit. If this occurs, you need to call for AC maintenance. Jacksonville has a lot of flora in both the spring and fall seasons. Seeds and pods can easily fall into the unit and cause loud noises. If it is not debris creating the sound, it could be something minor such as a loose screw or bolt. In any case, make sure to have the unit evaluated promptly.

  1. Banging

There are multiple things that could cause damage to your AC unit, especially if your AC is making a loud noise. Jacksonville has the reputation of being hot and humid one day and then much cooler the next day. It seems like you can have two or three seasons in one day in Jacksonville! When this occurs, a banging noise can start when your AC turns off or on. This noise is not actually from the AC unit itself, but rather from the ductwork. The banging or popping sound you hear is the metal expanding and contracting due to changes in the temperature. It is a regular part of the HVAC system to hear this noise and should not warrant any concern. If your system is aging, you may need AC maintenance though to verify your ductwork is still correctly working to cool your home efficiently.

  1. Whistling

If the ac making loud noise Jacksonville you hear coming from your HVAC unit is a whistling or hissing sound, you need to act fast. A whistling sound from the AC unit is indicative of a refrigerant leak. This means your Freon, the stuff that helps cool the warm air, is leaking out. Without the refrigerant, the air that comes out of the AC and into your house will be hot. A professional AC technician needs to come onsite to repair the leak immediately.

As you can see, there are multiple noises an HVAC unit can make that would cause some inquiry. If you pay attention to the sounds you are hearing and have them checked out when they occur, as well as get regular maintenance performed on your unit, your AC will last you many years. If you follow our advice on the top four concerning AC unit noises and how to prevent them, you will have peace of mind knowing your family will stay safe in the hot and humid weather of Jacksonville, Florida!