AC Repair Jacksonville: 5 Common AC Issues That Elite AC Can Fix

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January 4, 2018
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AC Repair Jacksonville: 5 Common AC Issues That Elite AC Can Fix

AC Repair Jacksonville

AC Repair Jacksonville: 5 Common AC Issues That Elite AC Can Fix


Servicing your own AC repair Jacksonville unit can save you money, but there are some problems that require a professional touch. Elite AC LLC is a reputable AC repair company that helps people in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding area with all of their AC repair needs. Here are some things to look out for if you think your AC unit is acting up.


AC Unit is Constantly Running


AC systems are designed to click in when a certain temperature is reached. If your living room gets too warm, the AC unit will activate and begin cooling it down. As soon as the temperature is reached, the system will shut itself off. Usually.


Your AC system may be on the verge of failure if the system doesn’t shut itself off after 10 or 15 minutes. If the AC unit is running at full blast for that long, it probably isn’t cooling down your home. And during the hotter months in Jacksonville, FL, a working AC repair Jacksonville unit is very beneficial.


Takes Longer to Cool Your House


Here in Jacksonville, FL, it’s not abnormal for a house to take a little longer to cool down when it’s hot. Your AC unit should be able to keep up with the heat, however. Like we mentioned in the first point, however, your AC unit shouldn’t be running constantly – and should definitely be able to eventually cool down your home. Elite AC LLC sees this issue all the time with older AC repair Jacksonville systems, and it usually boils down to a refrigerant issue, a fan running slowly, or a leak in the system.


House Temperature is Higher than Set Temperature


It can get pretty warm here in Florida, and often during the hotter months, Elite AC LLC will get calls from concerned folks about their AC units. They’re usually worried about the temperature not going down in their home (they’ll set it to 75 and it won’t dip below 80). This isn’t usually something to worry about. If your AC system is working, it will push through the heat at some point during the day and cool down the house. However, if the unit refuses to cool down your home even after the heat passes, it’s time to call a reputable AC repair Jacksonville company like Elite AC LLC.


Water is Underneath the Unit Outside


If you are seeing water under your AC system, you definitely need to call Elite AC LLC. Water under the system is not a good thing. The reasons water could be pooling range from improper installation, to a faulty condensation pump, or a plugged drain hole. Having pooled water means you could be in for mold or mildew build up as well, so it’s best to call Elite AC LLC, your reliable AC repair Jacksonville team, to assess the situation.


Different Rooms are Cooling at Different Speeds


Having different rooms in your home cooling at different speeds indicates a problem within your AC system. If it’s a larger room and a smaller room, that’s probably ok. But if it’s two fairly similar sized rooms, you should give Elite AC LLC a call.


Beat the Heat with Elite AC LLC


If you think that your AC system is acting up – or that it might break down soon – then give our reliable AC repair Jacksonville team a call. We service the Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding area, and are proud of the work we do with AC units across Florida. Don’t delay – call us today. We’ll have your AC unit back up and running in no time.