AC Repair Jacksonville: AC Condenser Problems and the Likely Solutions

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AC Repair Jacksonville: AC Condenser Problems and the Likely Solutions

AC Repair Jacksonville

AC Condenser Problems and the Likely Solutions

The mercury is rising and your home is growing less comfortable and more like a sweatbox, so you flip on the AC and patiently wait for the cool air to come whooshing through your vent system. Having a central air conditioning system in your home is one of the greatest conveniences. However, the average lifespan of an AC unit is around 12 to 15 years, so eventually, you could have some problems.

The outdoor condenser unit is more prone to problems than anything since it has so many important and hard-working components. Here’s a look at some of the problems you could run into with the AC condenser and the likely solutions that can be handled by a company that offers AC repair Jacksonville.

Problem: Leaking Refrigerant

Solution: The refrigerant or coolant that runs through the condenser is what is responsible for drastically reducing the air temperature as the fan moves air over it. If the coolant starts leaking, it will prevent the AC from blowing out cold air as it should. Inside the house, you will likely notice that the air conditioner is running continuously and your home is not getting cool as it should. There are a few reasons why coolant can leak from the condenser, including:

  • Faulty coolant tubes
  • Deteriorating seals
  • Brittle connections

Thankfully, these issues are pretty common, and they can be an easy fix with a good AC repair Jacksonville technician. Of course, you will have to pay for repairs and the replacement coolant that you have lost from your system.

Problem: Relay Switch Failure

Solution: The relay switch is what sends a signal to the motor to turn on or turn off the fan when the AC is turned on in the house. If the relay switch fails, which is fairly common, the AC unit will refuse to come on at all. You can turn the system on inside the house, but the unit will not respond. The relay switch is a simple part that is held in place by a few screws and a few wire connections, so it really is not a difficult issue to tend to. However, it is always best to trust a technician familiar with AC replacement Jacksonville.

Problem: Failed Motor

Solution: If the motor on the condenser unit has failed, you have no choice but to either have the motor replaced or have the whole unit replaced by a company offering AC repair Jacksonville. The motor powers the fan that pushes air through the system, so without it, you have no AC function at all. Most motors can be replaced, but it can be difficult to find a replacement motor for some older units.

Overall, the AC condenser unit outside is one of the more complex parts of your home’s central cooling system. Therefore, there are multiple opportunities for parts to fail and repairs to be necessary. If you have issues with your old air conditioning unit, reach out to a professional to find out more about AC repairs Jacksonville.