AC Service Jacksonville: 7 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Fan is Constantly Running

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April 13, 2018
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AC Service Jacksonville: 7 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Fan is Constantly Running

AC Service Jacksonville: 7 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Fan is Constantly Running

If you are looking for a AC service Jacksonville, Florida due to a busted unit or a professional team to purchase a new air conditioner from, then you have come to the right spot! Air conditioner repair and new air conditioner units in Jacksonville can be expensive, but if you take great care of your current unit, your AC should last for many years. One way to maintain your unit is regular maintenance including the fans. Keep reading to discover the top seven common reasons your air conditioner fan is constantly running.

  1. Plugged air filters

One of the main causes of a fan or AC unit that is constantly running is due to clogged air filters. Air filters help trap dirt and debris to keep the flow of air from being restricted. If you forget to change your filters, the airborne debris gets into your unit and causes the airflow to lessen, which in turn causes the fan to stay on and the unit to never turn off.

  1. Soiled evaporator coil

Did the temperatures go from mild to extreme in a couple of days? If so, you probably turned on the AC unit to cool the house. If you notice that the unit is continually running to keep up, you may have a soiled evaporator coil from the prior season’s debris, twigs, and dirt that need to be cleaned out. This can be done by a professional team from an AC service Jacksonville company.

  1. Irregular thermostat

Sometimes a unit that is constantly running is not due to the condenser, evaporator coil, or air filters. Occasionally, your thermostat which controls the signal to the AC based on what temperature you desire, can be faulty. Change the batteries if you do not see a display. If that did not fix the issue, verify the temperature reading in the home is below where it is set. If it is and the unit is still running, your thermostat may need to be replaced. Call a HVAC technician as soon as you can.

  1. Low or no Freon

Another critical reason your fan and unit may be constantly running could be due to leaking refrigerant. Freon is used to cool the warm air that is brought into the AC unit. This cool air then gets penetrated through the ducts and into your room. If there is low or no refrigerant in your unit due to a leak, the unit will continually run as the temperature in the home is never lowered.

  1. Blocked condenser

Another reason your unit or the fan may stay on is due to a condenser that is not getting enough air. This could be due to debris or dirt on the outside of the unit. Since the condenser sits outside in the wind and rain and other elements, it could be blocked with leaves, insects, or other debris. If you have bushy plants that haven’t been trimmed in a while that are crowding the condenser unit, this can also cause a lack of airflow to the unit. Remedy both these situations promptly.

  1. Inadequate unit

If you have just gone through a remodel of your home by adding extra space or changing the layout, you may now have too small of an AC unit to cool the extra square footage. You need to contact a professional HVAC team to evaluate your square footage, the design, and perform a load calculation to see if you need a larger unit.

  1. Low airflow

The last reason your unit may be running continually may be due to the type of air filter you are using. Check with a good AC service Jacksonville company to see what type of air filter you should be using for the model of AC unit you have. If you are using one that is too restrictive, it may be catching all the debris, but not allowing enough air to go through. This can be hard on the unit and if not evaluated, you may need a new air conditioner. Jacksonville is very hot and humid and you need as much airflow as possible!

As you can see, there are multiple reasons your AC fan could be acting up or constantly running. If you have investigated all the possibilities, then it may be time for a new air conditioner. Elite AC LLC has very professional repair and replacement teams that can come out and inspect your unit as well as quote you a price for the installation of a new unit. Make sure to evaluate the top seven common reasons your AC fan is running first. If you do, it may be a simple fix as stated above which will save you a huge bill!