Best AC Company Jacksonville: Ways to Lower Your Home’s Humidity

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March 13, 2018
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March 27, 2018
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Best AC Company Jacksonville: Ways to Lower Your Home’s Humidity

Best AC Company Jacksonville: Ways to Lower Your Home’s Humidity


The best ac company Jacksonville is offering our knowledge to help as many people as possible. Keeping cool in Florida means reducing the humidity in your home. But how are you going to reduce the humidity on your own? Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the moisture levels low around your house.




This is the simplest and easiest way to keep your home from becoming too humid. Instead of purchasing a dehumidifier, try venting the moisture away from your home. You should try to do this in places where moisture tends to be most present – like the bathroom, the kitchen, and the basement. You should definitely be sure that your dryer vent is moving the air outdoors. The wetness from your drying clothes will cause unwanted humidity in your home.


Cover Your Food As You’re Cooking


Moisture can come from many places – even that delicious stir fry you’re making. When you’re in the middle of cooking, try to put a lid on it if possible. With the lid on, you’ll be able to keep the humidity levels a little lower.


Colder and Shorter Showers


This sounds like a crazy idea, but it’s a simple way to ensure that you aren’t putting more humidity into your home than you need. Warm water causes your mirror to steam up, which means it’s adding humidity to your home. Low flow showerheads, cooler water temperature, and a shorter overall shower time work great when you’re trying to reduce the humidity.


Run Your AC System


The best ac company Jacksonville recommends running your AC system as an excellent way to dehumidify your home. The AC unit will convert the damp air in your home into cooler, drier air while pumping the humid air out of your house. This option is a little more costly since you have to run an appliance. But if you are looking for instant relief from the humidity, your AC unit is the way to go.


Clean AC System’s Drip Pans & Drain Lines


Speaking of your AC unit, you’ll likely have to clean some of its components. The entire system will work much better if the parts that actually draw the humidity away are clean. This means taking a rag and ensuring the drip pans and the drain lines for your AC system are clean. Once you’ve done that, your AC unit will work even better than before.


Check Water Flow Around House


Take a walk around your home to see where the water flows after a rainstorm. Jacksonville can see quite a bit of rain, so knowing where the runoff goes is important. Be sure that any runoff after a storm is running away from your home. If it’s coming towards your home, that means it’s likely building up near your basement walls. This doesn’t only mean your basement could be structurally compromised. It also means that there’s a lot of moisture gathered along the basement walls – a place where humidity levels are higher.


Call Elite AC LLC


One of the best ways to lower the humidity in your home is to have a working AC system. For the best AC company Jacksonville, FL, look no further than Elite AC LLC. We service Jacksonville and the surrounding area. So wherever you may be we can find you and help reduce the humidity in your home.