Good AC Company Jacksonville: Know Your AC Unit Inside and Out

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March 20, 2018
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Good AC Company Jacksonville: Know Your AC Unit Inside and Out

Good AC Company Jacksonville: Know Your AC Unit Inside and Out


A good ac company Jacksonville like Elite AC LLC thinks it’s important for you to know how your ac unit works. Understanding your AC system will help cut back on AC repairs later on. With a good base of knowledge revolving around your system, you’ll be able to know exactly what is going wrong in your AC unit most of the time. If you’ve ever been curious as to how your Jacksonville, FL, home is kept cool during those heat waves, this post is for you.


Elite AC LLC has come together to create a post that is aimed at helping you understand your air conditioner a little better. We hope that it’s informative and that you get as much from reading it as we do from teaching it to you.


What’s an Air Handler?


A good ac company Jacksonville doesn’t mind explaining the complicated in simple terms. Firstly, let’s look at the air handling part of your AC unit. The air handler is the component of the AC system that sends the cooled air into your home. This part of the AC unit can confuse a lot of people due to where it’s located. The air handler is located next to the furnace, so it’s often mistaken for the furnace itself. This part of the system works with both the cooling and the heating system.


Within the air handler is a blower motor that moves the cooler air into your house. There’s also an indoor coil that helps get that air to the right temperature. These pieces of technology can be used with AC units as well as heat pumps to make sure that your home’s temperature stays cool.


What’s an Air Conditioner?


The air conditioner itself is the outdoor component of the AC system for your home. Also known as the condensing unit, the air conditioner doesn’t actually cool the air entering your house. It’s removing the heat. The air circulates around an indoor coil where the heat is removed via the refrigerant in the coil.


The air conditioner and air handler are connected by refrigerant lines which are responsible for transferring heat. The air conditioner – or outdoor unit – is the piece of the AC system that contains the condenser, compressor, fan, and other important components that make the entire operation work.


Ensuring They Match


If you want your home to be kept cool efficiently, your air handler and air conditioner need to match. That’s why it’s important to try and replace them simultaneously instead of in phases. These need to compliment each other, and replacing them at the same time usually means there is warranty protection for your benefit. The efficiency of the entire AC system can be compromised if you replace each component separately.


Elite AC LLC Is Your #1 AC Repair Company


Now that you know how your AC unit works, you may be thinking “it sure could work better”. If you are in need of a good ac company Jacksonville, FL, call Elite AC LLC right away. Our team is ready to serve you however they can. We won’t stop until the job is finished, so give us a call today.