Reliable AC Repair Jacksonville: What to do When Your AC Won’t Turn On

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April 10, 2018
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Reliable AC Repair Jacksonville: What to do When Your AC Won’t Turn On

Reliable AC Repair Jacksonville: What to do When Your AC Won’t Turn On

Do you need reliable AC repair Jacksonville or the surrounding areas? Is your AC not turning on? Jacksonville has quite the climate with temperatures that can reach into the upper 90’s and even higher. Paired with the humidity of the ocean, your body can get too hot without warning if you are without air conditioning. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top four things you can do when your AC does not turn on.

  1. Tripped breaker

Want to know one of the most common reasons your AC is not turning on? In Jacksonville, thunderstorms are frequent. One may pop up unexpectedly due to the hot temperatures and moist air. This can cause a storm, which in turn can cause a power surge. That power surge can trip your breaker and cause the unit to stop and not turn back on. You need to check two areas if you believe the AC unit will not turn on due to a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. Check the shutoff box by the unit; some models have a fuse in this area that needs to be replaced. The other place to investigate is at the circuit panel. Check for a tripped breaker and turn it ‘off’ and then back to ‘on.’ Your AC unit should now power up and kick on.

  1. Check your drain line

Another common reason people need reliable AC repair Jacksonville is due to a clogged drain line. An air conditioner cools the warm air and causes condensation, or water. This water needs to go somewhere, so it flows into a drain line and is taken outside of your home. The drain line can be plugged with dirt, debris, and other material. When the line is plugged, it trips a safety switch, which causes the AC unit to shut off. You can try to unclog the drain line by clearing the blockage, but most times, you will need a professional to come out and clear the line for you.

  1. Reset the AC unit

What is another simple reason your AC is not turning on? Jacksonville air conditioning units can have a reset button near the outside condenser. Not all models have this button. Check your unit to see if you have a model that has a reset button. If you do, go ahead and push the button to reset the unit. You should notice the unit kick on and start to run. If not, turn your thermostat to the off position. Wait approximately five minutes and then turn the AC back on. This sometimes manually resets the unit. If this did not work, make a call to your local AC repair in Jacksonville for an HVAC technician to come out and evaluate your system.

  1. Call in the Professionals at Elite AC LLC

If your HVAC unit stops working or will not turn on, do not waste time or energy trying to figure it out yourself. Call in the professionals at Elite AC LLC for a reliable ac repair Jacksonville, as this is what we do for a living, day in and day out. We know HVAC systems like the back of their hand. It will take them half the time and much less frustration than that of a homeowner. Even though you may have to pay more, the sound of the condenser kicking on and blowing cold air into your sweltering home will be worth the cost!

As you can see, you can take multiple avenues when your AC does not turn on. Do not suffer through the hot and muggy temperatures. Whether checking the drain line, looking for a tripped breaker, resetting the unit, or calling in the professionals, you will stay nice and fresh in the Jacksonville area with a fully functioning AC unit this summer!