Repair or Replace? Common HVAC Problems and Their Solutions

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November 20, 2018
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Repair or Replace? Common HVAC Problems and Their Solutions

When it looks like something is wrong with the air conditioning system, one of the first questions that people have is, “Is this an easy repair, or am I going to have to replace my system?” It’s a good question, and it generally depends on what, specifically, is wrong with your AC. Here are several common problems, what they look like, and if they can be repaired or if you should think about a larger AC replacement.

Broken Fan

When a fan breaks in your AC unit, air will stop blowing through your ducts – or your system will start rattling very loudly as the fan begins to fail. Even though this grinds your air conditioning to a halt, it’s not usually something to worry about. The fan belt may have broken, which is a relatively simple repair. Sometimes the fan motor can fail, which is a more expensive project but probably nothing worth replacing the system over.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the important fluid that moves heat around in your system. Over time it can leak out, which means your AC system has to run longer and harder, and may not be able to cool your home very well. This requires repairing any possible refrigerant line leaks, and refilling refrigerant to appropriate levels. Unless there’s a lot of damage, this is a basic repair and maintenance.

Damaged Coils

An AC unit uses evaporator and condenser coils to exchange heat between the air and the refrigerant These coils are typically protected, but they can be fragile. If they are significantly damaged (say, from a falling tree or small house fire), your system can’t operate the same way. Significant damage like this is good cause to consider finding a newer replacement model.


Malfunctioning Sensors and Wiring

This happens when temperature sensors fail and wiring shorts out, so your system may never run properly – or never stop. If there is major electrical damage to all the electronics in your system, you may want to consider a replacement. But usually this is a simple matter of narrowing down the problem to the right wires or sensor, and doing a much smaller repair job.

Blocked Drains

Most home AC systems need drainage. If the AC drain becomes blocked by debris, it can create backup issues. If a blocked drain is fixed quickly, this is usually no problem. If the drain isn’t fixed, widespread damage may occur instead.

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