Reputable AC Repair Jacksonville: Keeping Your Business’ AC Unit Safe During a Storm

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March 27, 2018
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Reputable AC Repair Jacksonville: Keeping Your Business’ AC Unit Safe During a Storm

Reputable AC Repair Jacksonville: Keeping Your Business’ AC Unit Safe During a Storm


As a reputable ac repair Jacksonville company, Elite AC LLC knows the importance of storm safety. Keeping your store or shop from being damaged is important to you and your livelihood, and we know you take precautions before that storm rolls in. But have you given thought to your AC system at all? Your business’ AC unit is important to get things better once the storm passes, so be sure to take the following tips to heart.


Keep the Unit Clear of Debris


When News4 reports that a storm is approaching, you start to go through your storm prep checklist for your business. Next time this happens, be sure to include some preparation for your AC unit. Calling a reputable ac repair Jacksonville company like Elite AC for advice is highly recommended. One of the most important things you can do for the unit is to make sure it’s clear of debris. This means any branches, furniture, or anything that could seriously damage the AC system needs to be moved away. For an added level of protection, enclosing the unit with wood is a good idea.


Cool Down the Building


Once the storm’s on top of the city, there’s not much you can do except go home and stay safe with your family. But one thing you can do before heading home to hunker down is turning your AC unit on and cooling down the office. Getting your office to a cooler temperature will also draw some of the humidity out of the building. It’s going to be incredibly humid during the storm, so starting from a level near 0 humidity is better once the storm passes.


Leave the Power Off


After a few hours, the building will be cooled to a much more agreeable temperature. Right before you leave for your house, unplug the AC unit. You don’t want your AC system plugged in during a typical Florida storm. If it’s plugged in, you’ll likely fry the motor when lightning strikes. Also, the power will probably be out anyway, so it’s no use keeping your electronics plugged in during the storm.


Start It Up After the Storm Passes


After a time, the skies will clear, and it will be time to assess the damage. After you’ve made sure your home is ok, head to your place of business to check it out. Once you arrive, plug the AC system back in and get it running (if it wasn’t damaged). With your AC unit back running, you’ll be able to get a handle on the humidity within the walls of your workplace. The cold dry air will wick away the humidity, which if left alone can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup in your ducts.


Call Elite AC LLC If Your AC Needs Repairs


AC repairs are common after a storm. The heavy rains and wind can send debris flying, which can bang against your AC unit. If your AC system needs repairs, reputable ac repair Jacksonville  company Elite AC LLC should be your first call. We service businesses as well as homes, and we’re more than qualified to handle your AC repair job.