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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality – HVAC Service Jacksonville

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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Nip Seasonal Allergies in the Bud From Your #1 HVAC Service Jacksonville

Seasonal allergies can be a real drag. After all, no one likes dealing with those itchy, watery eyes, endless sneezing and runny nose that can often be associated with them. While there are always going to be triggers for seasonal allergies that you can’t contain like ragweed and pollen, one of the ways you can work to contain them is by improving your indoor air quality. This is often done with the help of one of the great companies with HVAC service Jacksonville has to offer our great community. Let us show you just a few of the ways that this may be done.

  • Frequent Filter Changes – First and foremost, changing the filter in your HVAC unit is a vital step to help you prevent seasonal allergies. Make sure you’re changing your filter at least every 6 to 8 weeks. More frequent filter changes are necessary when you have pets, smokers in the home or other contagions in your home. Check out the different types of filters available; there are special filters designed for those who have severe allergies too.
  • Have Your Ducts and Vents Cleaned – One of the top offerings of an HVAC service Jacksonville is duct and vent cleaning. For those with severe seasonal allergies, this can be a great step to take. You’re having all of the dust, dirt, grime and “gunk” cleaned from the vents so that only clean, fresh air will blow through the unit into your home. It allows you to have only the freshest air to breathe and may reduce the impact of allergies and even asthma over time.
  • Empty Drip Pans – Whether you do it yourself or have your HVAC company do it ias part of a routine maintenance program, emptying your drip pans is a great first step to help you improve your air quality. If the drip pans are over-full, they will be at danger of molding and cause you some serious allergy problems. Luckily, cleaning it out only takes a few minutes and it something you can do every few months to make a good positive impact on your family’s health.
  • Consider An Indoor Exhaust Fan – Talk to your favorite company offering HVAC service Jacksonville about installing an indoor exhaust fan. This can help you get rid of old, stale air and bring in fresh, clean air. It will make a huge impact on your overall air quality and may help you reduce your allergies too.
  • Add Plants – This may seem simple, but just adding a few indoor plants can make a big difference in improving your indoor air quality. Plants help process air and turns old, stale air into nice, fresh air that you will love to breathe. Why not give it a try and see what a big difference it makes?


If you have any further questions on how you can help reduce the impact of your indoor allergies by improving indoor air quality, contact us for assistance with HVAC service Jacksonville. We look forward to working with you.