Ways to Keep Cool When Your AC Not Turning on Jacksonville

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June 22, 2018
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Ways to Keep Cool When Your AC Not Turning on Jacksonville

AC Not Turning on Jacksonville

Ways to Keep Cool When Your AC Not Turning on Jacksonville

When your AC unit goes down in the summer it can make the temperature in your home turn uncomfortable rather quickly. If you find your ac not turning on Jacksonville, and need to find ways to stay cool while you wait for the HVAC specialist to make repairs, try these seven tips to beat the heat.

Block Out the Sun

The first order of business is preventing the hot rays of the sun from warming up your home. Close any blinds and shades you have for your windows and close the drapes. If there are rooms where you will have a hard time blocking out the light, shut the doors to keep the heat contained in them.

Get your Fans Going

Determine the area you are going to be while you await a repair person and bring in any fans you can find. Get your ceiling fans, stand fans, and table fans going to draw down the cool air and help circulate it through the room. You will also enjoy the benefits of the nice breeze they can give.

Put Your Dehumidifier to Work

During the summer months humidity can be one of the biggest components making the heat unbearable. If you find your ac not turning on Jacksonville, you can place dehumidifiers around the rooms you plan to occupy to draw the moisture out of the air, reduce the humidity, and make the heat more bearable.

Create an Evaporator Cooler

An evaporator cooler is simple to make and goes a long way to cool a room down. Start by getting out your cooler or a washtub. Fill the container with ice and place it on a chair or table in front of a fan. As the ice melts, the water will evaporate, and the fan will push the cool particles through the air in the room, reducing the overall temperature.

Drink Cold Water

While you may find yourself focused on the outer temperature in the room, one of the quickest ways to cool down when you are hot is to lower the temperature in your body slightly. Drink ice-cold water and beverages to help cool yourself down and stay hydrated to avoid complications from becoming overheated.

Unplug Unused Electronics and Appliances

When your ac not turning on Jacksonville you will want to make sure to decommission anything that generates a lot of heat when it draws power. Don’t turn on the stove or oven as this will quickly raise the temperature in your home even if only used for a short period. Also, take into consideration other electronics you don’t need to use that are likely to output a significant amount of heat. This includes your computer which probably produces more heat than you realize.

Chill the Sheets

If you are going to have to stick it out at night without AC or just want to relax and stay cool, pop some lightweight cotton sheets into the freezer after dampening them in the sink. It won’t take long for the chill to kick in and you will have a nice cool covering to lower your temperature enough to stay comfortable and get some rest.

AC not turning on Jacksonville? Don’t panic. Stay cool by following the tips above while you await your HVAC service person and beat the Florida heat no matter how hot the summer temperatures rise.