AC Down? It Could Be a Clogged Drain Line

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February 6, 2019
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March 6, 2019
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AC Down? It Could Be a Clogged Drain Line

When you live in Jacksonville there’s never a good time for the AC to go out. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the good news is you may not need a new air conditioner.

One of the most commons reasons air conditioning systems stop working is due to a clog in the drain line. Designed to remove built-up condensation in the AC, drain lines carry excess moisture via PVC pipe to the outside of your home. Over time the drain line can become clogged and cause water to back up into your HVAC system, which can shut it down altogether.

Follow these steps to check your HVAC system for clogs and remove them.

Step 1. Turn off your HVAC system.

Step 2. Remove the cleaning port cap.
For this step you may need to use a bucket to collect the condensation in the drain pan.

Step 3. Check the drain pipe.
Look into the drain pipe for blockages. If you see a blockage, you can remove it with your hands using protective gloves, or by using a drainage snake. Be careful not to push the blockage further down.

Step 4. Pour a mild cleaning solution down the drain line.
Use a solution of warm water and soap, or warm water and vinegar, and pour it down the drain pipe, stopping once it’s full. For large clogs, repeat this process three times.

Step 5. Check the drain pipe again.
After pouring the cleaning solution, check to make sure the solution is draining from the drain line. If it’s not, the blockage is still there. This could mean the clog is too large for this method and needs professional maintenance.

Step 6. Replace the cleaning port cap.

Step 7. Turn your HVAC system back on.