AC Maintenance in Jacksonville – A Dirty AC Filter Can Affect Your Family’s Health

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AC Maintenance in Jacksonville – A Dirty AC Filter Can Affect Your Family’s Health

AC Maintenance Jacksonville

AC Maintenance Jacksonville – A Dirty AC Filter Can Affect Your Family’s Health

A clogged air conditioner filter will not only make your AC unit work harder, it can also increase your utility bill by up to 15% because of the obstructed air that never enters your home. This is one good reason for having an HVAC partner to perform regular ac maintenance Jacksonville to either replace or clean your AC filters on a regular basis. But even more alarming is the amount of dust, debris, and biological pollution that will pass into your home when you AC filter is clogged – causing dangerous health issues for your family.

How Dust, Mold, and Spores From AC Affect Air Quality

When you neglect regular cleaning or changing of your air conditioning filters, the air quality in your home will be adversely affected. A dirty air filter impacts the entire air circulation system including diffuser vents and the connecting air ducts. When unwanted airborne particles such as mold, spores, and dust particles mix with other air pollutants such as vehicle fumes, cooking odors, and tobacco smoke – a toxic stew of poor air can be trapped within a closed home, especially during summer months.

Americans may spend 90% of their time indoors where they naturally expect the air to be clean and not have a negative impact on health. It is this confidence that can cause many to overlook the telltale signs of poor indoor air quality, which may include:

  • Throat, nasal, and eye irritation
  • Feeling tired or drowsy
  • Increased asthma attacks
  • Sore throat and coughing
  • Congestion and wheezing

If you spend a large amount of time indoors, your risks of having health problems due to bad indoor air is increased when you have poor AC maintenance Jacksonville. The elderly, infants, young children, and anyone with a chronic illness are at an even greater risk of developing respiratory and other health issues if the ac filters in the homes are allowed to build with dust, debris, and biological contaminants.

Increased Allergies Due to Biological Pollutants

When regular ac maintenance Jacksonville is not performed, your home may experience a build-up of biological pollutants which love to thrive and grow in the moist air that is caused by a clogged filter. Many people, especially children have allergies that can be triggered and cause respiratory distress or in some cases, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, these pollutants can be infectious or toxic. Indoor biological contaminants that can accumulate in a dirty air filter then pass into the home include:

  • hair, feathers, and scales from animals and pests (animal dander)
  • extremely small cockroach parts and dust mite
  • viruses and bacterial agents that can be Infectious
  • microscopic pollen grains transported in the air

When improperly maintained air-conditioner filters allow all those biological contaminants, debris, and dust to be re-circulated back into your home, it can cause chronic allergies that may be mistaken as an occasional sniffle. If ac maintenance Jacksonville is left unchecked, over time your home’s air quality can negatively affect your health.

When you need to replace your dirty and clogged ac filters or your air conditioning system needs cleaning, contact your professional AC maintenance Jacksonville service provider to increase the quality of your indoor air and safeguard your family’s health.