AC Not Turning on Jacksonville: Troubleshooting Tips

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AC Not Turning on Jacksonville: Troubleshooting Tips

AC Not Turning on Jacksonville

Air conditioning emergencies are never convenient and often happen without warning. If you’re having problems with your AC not turning on Jacksonville, these troubleshooting tips can help you diagnose and rectify minor AC issues. A professional can assist you with more extensive repairs or any maintenance tasks you’re not comfortable performing yourself.

Replace the Air Filter

Dirty filters are among the most common culprits behind a malfunctioning AC unit. If they’re not replaced regularly, they can become clogged to the point that your system performs less efficiently or stops working altogether. Filters should be changed every 3-4 months, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Check the Thermostat

An AC that won’t turn on could be due to a faulty thermostat. Test it by setting it five degrees below ambient room temperature; the AC should start right away. (Make sure the thermostat is set to “cool”). If the thermostat panel is blank, or the unit still doesn’t turn on, your thermostat may need new batteries. Otherwise, a problem with the sensor or wiring may be the cause, and the thermostat will likely have to be replaced.

Reset the Breaker

Sometimes, a blown fuse or tripped breaker is the reason your AC won’t turn on, especially after a storm. If you notice melted metal or a discoloration in the glass window at the top of the fuse, replace the fuse with one that is of the same specifications. Next, check your circuit breakers and reset any that are “off” or “neutral” to the “on” position.

Flip the Switch

Your AC not turning on may be due to an emergency “off” switch that was inadvertently flipped. (You can find the switch on the outdoor unit near the compressor). If it’s in the “off” position, turning it back on should resolve the problem. If not, consult your user’s manual for instructions on how to reset the system. Another option is to turn off the AC for five minutes, then restart it.

Clean the Condenser

The condenser, the box-like part of your AC unit that is placed outside, draws air into the system so that it can be cooled before it circulates throughout your home. Since it’s outdoors, the condenser unit is likely to capture leaves, grass, and other materials as it pulls air indoors. Like a dirty air filter, a clogged condenser can compromise your HVAC system’s performance.

You can clean the condenser unit yourself. (Just be sure it’s turned off before you begin). However, if you’re not comfortable working around AC systems, you run the risk of causing damage to the components inside the condenser box, so your best bet may be to have a qualified HVAC technician tackle this task for you.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

You can go a long way toward preventing AC problems in the first place with regular maintenance. Periodic check-ups and tune-ups can keep your system running optimally and reveal minor issues before they lead to more costly repairs later. The best time to have your unit serviced is in the spring before summer’s oppressive heat arrives. If you’re having difficulties with your AC not turning on, a professional Jacksonville HVAC technician can help you determine whether repair or replacement is your best course of action.