HVAC Repair Jacksonville: Finding the Right HVAC Contractor For Your Home

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January 19, 2018
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HVAC Repair Jacksonville: Finding the Right HVAC Contractor For Your Home

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HVAC Repair Jacksonville: Finding the Right HVAC Contractor For Your Home


There are a lot of options for HVAC repair Jacksonville and the surrounding area. Finding a reputable AC repair Jacksonville company can be a difficult journey. You don’t want to pay extra for a job that’s half-finished. So it’s important to do some work before choosing an HVAC repair Jacksonville company. We’ve made a checklist of things that you can do to ensure that the company you choose is right for you.


Do Your Homework


One thing that you can do is look through all of the contractors in the HVAC repair Jacksonville region to see which will work for you. A reputable AC repair company, like Elite AC LLC, will be fully licensed and insured. It’s also very important to know which HVAC system you have in your home. If the HVAC needs repairs, we’d like to know what make and model it is in order to get the job done right the first time.


As For Referrals


One of the ways reliable AC  repair Jacksonville companies like Elite AC LLC get known as reliable is through referrals. Ask around in Jacksonville, FL, about the work that Elite does for its customers and their HVAC repair Jacksonville units. Referrals make or break a contractor, and our company does our best to make sure our customers are happy with the work we do.




HVAC units should be ENERGY STAR qualified since they meet the guidelines set out by the EPA. When you have an ENERGY STAR product in your home, you don’t have to worry about any inefficiencies within the system. ENERGY STAR HVAC units are calculated to meet the guidelines to the tee, so a reliable and reputable AC repair company like ours will have them available to its customers.


Ask for a Home Evaluation


At Elite AC LLC, we take the time to evaluate each home we’re hired to work on. Reliable AC repair companies should all be willing to perform a home evaluation in order to assess the needs of the home. A reputable AC company will size your home correctly in order to install the HVAC unit that perfectly suits the home.


Get an Estimate


As you are cycling through contractors, be sure to receive itemized estimates from each one. A reputable AC company will happily provide a list of the things that they’ll be installing in your home. Be sure to check whether the items on the list are energy efficient or not. Efficiency is the name of the game, and it’s pointless to have a contractor install an HVAC unit that doesn’t meet EPA efficiency standards.


Looking for a Reputable AC  Repair Jacksonville Company? Call Elite AC LLC


In Jacksonville, FL, reliable AC companies can be difficult to come by. Elite AC LLC stands out among the rest. Our work is top notch, and we only use the best products available to help our customers. We are fully licensed and insured – as a reputable AC company should be – and we’d be happy to give your home a walk-through. Give us a call today and let’s get to work.