HVAC Repair Jacksonville: How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

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March 6, 2018
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HVAC Repair Jacksonville: How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

HVAC Repair Jacksonville: How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient


Keep Your Outdoor HVAC Unit in Good Shape


When it comes to keeping HVAC repair Jacksonville to a minimum, you need to make sure that your outdoor unit is not obstructed. What does this mean? Well, do you currently have mowed grass, branches, toys, and yard equipment resting on the HVAC unit? Then this is an obstructed unit. Likely, your HVAC system has already seen some kind of slowdown in efficiency already.


But don’t worry! This is an easy fix. Just make sure that you keep all of the above-mentioned items away from the HVAC unit. Be sure to keep a clear 2-foot circle around the HVAC unit. And please don’t rest things on top of the system either.


Watch Out for Furnace Filters


One thing that we at Elite AC LLC are often asked about is furnace and air filters. There is a common misconception that thicker means better. Our technicians don’t think so. When it comes to filters for your HVAC system, the thicker they are, the more work the system needs to do to pump air through your home. The air quality may be higher, but your energy efficiency will be lower, which means higher power bills. Using disposable air filters that are thinner will work just fine, as long as they’re replaced every 2-3 months.


Clean Your Registers Properly


These registers can get pretty nasty, so it’s important to clean them thoroughly. This means more than using your vacuum, too. You’ll have to take them off and clean them with a wet cloth. Just before you replace them, be sure to check the ducts for obstructions. Your HVAC system will thank you.


Get a Programmable Thermostat


Today’s heating and cooling technology are very impressive. In Jacksonville, FL, alone, our reliable Elite AC LLC company technicians have been seeing more and more smart meters being installed in homes. These pieces of technology are wonderful, as they allow you to set the temperature to whatever you want, wherever you are in the area. This means that you’ll be able to monitor your HVAC unit at all times and receive notifications on your phone when things get too warm or too cold. Neat stuff, and you should look into it!


Seal Air Duct Leaks Immediately


When you have a leaky faucet, the water tends to dribble out the side of the tap and reduce the water pressure. The same thing happens when your HVAC unit’s ducts are leaking. The hot or cold air travelling through the system will be somewhat diverted through the leaks. This means your HVAC system will be working harder to keep things cool. When you see a leak in the duct, be sure to tend to it right away by calling a HVAC repair Jacksonville company like Elite AC LLC.


Call the Professionals at Elite AC LLC for Your HVAC System Needs


When the HVAC repair Jacksonville job becomes a little too complicated, don’t hesitate to give Elite AC LLC a call. We service homes in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding area, and we’d be happy to pay you a visit. We know everything there is to know about HVAC systems, and it would be our pleasure to help you out.