HVAC Replacement Jacksonville: What HVAC Unit is Right for Your Home?

HVAC Replacement Jacksonville
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December 22, 2017
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January 4, 2018
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HVAC Replacement Jacksonville: What HVAC Unit is Right for Your Home?

HVAC Replacement Jacksonville

HVAC Replacement Jacksonville: What HVAC Unit is Right for Your Home?

Here in Florida, HVAC replacement Jacksonville  units are necessary to beat the heat. They pull the warm air out and leave your home with a nice cool environment. Unfortunately, these units break down and you have to book a reputable AC repair company like ours to come fix it. Sometimes, however, your unit just doesn’t do the job you need it to. So what can you do then?

HVAC repair may not be the right call in that case. You may need to invest in a new HVAC unit. But this process can be a tall order. There are lots of factors to consider. Luckily, we here at Elite AC LLC are here to help.

Many Shapes & Sizes

HVAC replacement Jacksonville unit is not one size fits all. Various homes have HVAC installed, and not all homes need the same amount of cooling. You wouldn’t want a stadium-sized HVAC system for your home – that’s simply too much energy consumed and too much power to cool your home. Similarly, a rec center wouldn’t want a small windowsill AC system to cool their entire facility.

How Do I Know What Size I Am?

This is where properly sizing your home comes into play. HVAC repair companies like Elite AC LLC will be able to help you size your home. But the question remains: how do I know what size my home is?

First, let’s talk about what sizing means. Sizing your home means figuring out what size system is needed to cool down your home properly. Getting the HVAC replacement Jacksonville unit sized properly for your home ensures that you will get the exact amount of cooling that you need from the system. Large systems cost more, and while they’ll keep your home cool they will draw more energy. That will hurt your wallet. Instead of going big, you want to have something that fits perfectly.

How Can I Figure Out What I Need?

There are a couple of different ways to size your home. If you aren’t comfortable sizing your own home, a utility company or a reputable AC repair company will be able to help you with sizing.

Square Feet

This is the least effective way to size up your home. Square footage calculation leaves out a lot of important details. This can be done on your own, but it’s fairly inaccurate.

Square Feet & Climate

By taking the climate into account along with the square footage, it’s much simpler to gauge what your home may need for an HVAC replacement Jacksonville. Again, this can be done by you.

Existing System

This is a great way to choose an HVAC replacement Jacksonville unit for your home – as long as your last unit was sized correctly. If it wasn’t, then you will have to have the home sized properly. However, if your old HVAC system was well sized, finding a new system to replace it will be simple.

Manual J

This method is the best way to size your home for an HVAC system. It will tell you right away exactly the size of HVAC replacement Jacksonville unit you need for your home. This method, however, can’t be done by the homeowner., as there are specific calculations that require software to perform.

Contact the Best AC Company to Help With Your HVAC

Elite AC LLC is the best AC company that takes care of HVAC repairs and HVAC replacement Jacksonville. We have a dedicated set of employees who are trained to calculate the size of a home’s new HVAC unit perfectly. So if you are looking for a reputable AC repair team, go with the best AC company and Elite AC LLC.