HVAC Service Jacksonville: 5 Issues That Could be Stopping Your HVAC Fan from Working

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April 20, 2018
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HVAC Service Jacksonville: 5 Issues That Could be Stopping Your HVAC Fan from Working

HVAC Service Jacksonville: 5 Issues That Could be Stopping Your HVAC Fan from Working

The summer temperatures are here to stay in the Jacksonville, Florida area. That means your AC needs to have HVAC service Jacksonville can get very hot and humid quickly and you want to make sure your unit is working correctly. There are five issues that could be stopping your HVAC fan from working, keep reading to discover what those issues are to prevent needing AC replacement, as Jacksonville is one hot city in the summer!

  1. Fan motor

One place to look if your AC unit’s fan is no longer working is the fan motor. This is something you can do easily. If the fan blade spins when you manually touch it, then the motor is most likely bad. It will need to be tested for continuity to make sure it is working. If the fan blade does not turn, then this indicates that the bearings inside the motor are worn out and the fan motor needs to be replaced.

  1. Capacitor

This is probably the most common occurrence when it comes to the fan not working on your AC unit. A capacitor is a gadget that is used to accumulate and store an electric charge, much like a battery. The best way to know if you have a dead capacitor is if the fan is not spinning but the outdoor condenser is still running. If this is the case, you will want to perform HVAC service Jacksonville has such sizzling temperatures that the capacitor dies from all the work the AC unit does in the summer. Your AC technician will check out your system and get a new capacitor installed immediately!

  1. Thermostat

If you have a thermostat that has the temperature control feature, this thermostat can fail causing the fan to stop working. If you notice that the compressor of the unit and the fan are not running at all, it may be due to the thermostat. The thermostat has electrical contacts that end up burning out over time and no longer send a signal to the unit or fan to kick on and operate. It is always a good idea to call in the professionals and have them test your thermostat to make sure you do not need AC replacement Jacksonville residents use this type of thermostat often to keep their homes cool when they are not home. Be sure to verify the type of thermostat you have and whether it could be the culprit!

  1. Relay

One of the less common culprits when it comes to the HVAC fan not working is the relay board. If you have investigated all the other causes of why the fan isn’t working and they are all intact, then it could be the relay. The relay board is essential because it provides wattage to the fan, among many other components of the AC unit. Don’t have this board replaced first, as it is usually not the cause. Only look at it as the problem if all the other troubleshooting turns out normal.

  1. Dual shaft fan

Some AC units are different from others and this can include differences to some of the parts as well. If the fan motor controls two fans, it can wear out the bearings more quickly and need to be replaced. Since one fan draws in warm air from the outside while the other pushes the air over the cool evaporator coil, more use is occurring and therefore, more wear and tear can be seen. Make sure to have this part evaluated if you have this model!

As you can see, there are multiple items that can cause your fan to stop working on your unit. If in doubt, always call the professionals and perform HVAC service Jacksonville is a lovely city to live in, as everyone is courteous and willing to help. If you follow our advice on the five issues that could be stopping your HVAC fan from working, you may not need AC replacement in Jacksonville, after all!