HVAC Service Jacksonville: How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Hurricane

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April 3, 2018
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HVAC Service Jacksonville: How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Hurricane

HVAC Service Jacksonville: How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Hurricane


HVAC service Jacksonville companies are aware that storms happen here in Jacksonville, Florida, and it’s important to be prepared. Having a shelter for you and your family can make a big difference. Keeping your family safe is crucial, but as you are planning your storm-stay, you should put some thought into your HVAC system as well. It could be seriously damaged by the next hurricane. If you’d like to minimize the damage, and avoid a total HVAC replacement, keep the following things in mind.


Be Sure Your Home is Cool


When a large storm is about to come through the Jacksonville area, one of the first things you should do is cool down your home. Why is this? Well, there is a pretty good chance that your home will lose power during the storm. No power means no HVAC service Jacksonville. This means that you won’t be able to cool down your home once the hurricane’s passed, and that means it will get boiling hot and humid. Freezing your home with your HVAC unit will help you get through the next couple days.


Unplug Your HVAC Unit


Once you’ve cooled down your house, it’s time to cut the power. HVAC service Jacksonville system replacement is pretty common after a hurricane since electrical surges will damage the entire unit, not to mention the problems caused by debris. And, as mentioned before, you’ll probably lose power anyway. So unplugging the HVAC unit just makes sense.


Cover HVAC Unit with Plywood


With a piece of wood or a tarp covering the condenser unit outdoors, the debris from the hurricane will have a more difficult time damaging the HVAC unit. Trees, branches, shingles, and even deck chairs can really do a number on an outdoor unit, so covering it up is an excellent idea.


Look Out for Standing Water & Rising Tides


We’re pretty used to excessive rain here in Jacksonville, but even so, you need to take note of how high the water is getting. Your HVAC system’s outdoor unit can be damaged if the water gets too high. Debris in the flood water can get into the system, which can make a bad situation worse once you try to turn your outdoor unit back on. And on the topic of turning your HVAC system back on…


Leave it Off After the Storm Has Passed


Under no circumstances are you to turn your HVAC unit back on after a hurricane has come through. Not until you know just what toll has been taken on your home and outdoor unit, at least. The water and debris could have damaged the unit, which means you’ll need to have your HVAC unit looked at before flipping the switch. The high winds may have disconnected some of the internal components of the air conditioner, which could lead to refrigerant leaks. Check those out too, as they’re incredibly dangerous.


Call Elite AC LLC for an Inspection


If you think that a HVAC service Jacksonville is needed once the hurricane has moved on, Elite AC LLC is happy to look at it for you. We’ll look at the unit and assess whether you need HVAC repairs or a full HVAC replacement. Our team is the most qualified in Jacksonville, FL when it comes to HVAC repairs and replacement after storms, so you know you’ll be in good hands.