HVAC Service Jacksonville Tips for Pet Owners

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HVAC Service Jacksonville Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC Service Jacksonville

HVAC Service Jacksonville Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC service Jacksonville is crucial, especially since our furry friends are important to us. Elite AC LLC has a lot of pet owners who work for us, so we are always interested in keeping their paws safe and sound when it comes to HVAC maintenance. That’s why we took the time to create this post for things you can do around your home to ensure your pets are safe. Following these tips will not only keep your pets out of harm’s way but can also improve your HVAC system overall.

Check for Exposed Wires

We all know how much pets like to chew on things. Toys, rope, branches, couches, shoes…pets can’t be stopped if they want to chew on something. This includes exposed wires, which are dangerous for anyone to touch or chew (chewing is especially bad). All pets chew things, so make sure that any wires that are exposed on your HVAC system are enclosed in conduits and conduit boxes.

Change the Air Filter

We have this tip in a lot of our articles about HVAC service Jacksonville, but that’s only because it’s so important! It’s even more important to your HVAC system to change the air filters if you have a pet. The hair that a pet generates means you’ll have to change the filter more frequently. The air filter will get clogged quickly, so be sure to check and change it once a month. If you don’t, your HVAC system won’t be as efficient and your energy bills will start to climb.

Enclose the Outside Unit

The outdoor condenser unit is vital to your HVAC system’s functionality. If your pet is anything like ours are, the noises coming from the machine will keep them away. But not all pets are the same, and maybe yours wants to take a closer look. They can be seriously hurt by the condenser coils if they get their claws in there, not to mention they may damage the unit. Urine on the system is also really bad.

To keep your fur-children from getting too close to the outdoor condenser unit, enclose the entire thing in a fence or other barrier. Be sure to leave some room around the unit, but not too much so that your pet can get in.

Keep Things Clean

Lastly, it’s important to keep your pet clean. No, we aren’t giving you grooming tips – we’ll leave that to the pet salons in Jacksonville. As an HVAC service Jacksonville company, we know what pet dander can do to air quality in your home. Pet dander is one of the leading causes of allergies, and your HVAC system helps keep the dander out of your home. Regularly brushing and bathing your pets is very important for that reason. Keep your pets clean and you’ll notice the air quality in your home improve significantly.

If you have animals at your home, and you are looking to improve your HVAC system, Elite AC LLC has you covered. Our HVAC service Jacksonville team knows what needs to be done to improve the air quality of your home, so give us a call and let us show you what we can do.