Jacksonville Indoor Air Quality

At Elite AC LLC, we care about the quality of your air. It’s why we spend so much time trying to educate people about the benefits of high-quality HVAC products. You might not know it, but the air in your home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside. That is, unless you have a reliable AC system, with compatible filtration features.

While it’s true that air conditioning is a relatively recent addition to our homes, it is now an essential part of modern life.

If you do own an HVAC product, from any of the major brands, you must take good care of it. These sophisticated systems will vastly improve the air quality inside your property, but only if routine maintenance helps them to run efficiently.

The Best Reason to Buy a New AC System

For our homeowners.

For homeowners in Jacksonville and the rest of America, indoor pollution continues to be a largely unrecognized danger. We underestimate the volume of toxins that our furniture, clothes, and building materials emit. If you live in an environment with poor ventilation, all of these substances are trapped inside your home, with nowhere to go.

Mold is another big concern. In the right conditions, it spreads remarkably fast and may lead to serious health problems. While the best HVAC system in the world can’t eliminate mold spores completely (they grow naturally in all environments), good air conditioning helps to prevent the build-up of moisture. Mold needs moisture to grow and, without it, remains inert.

Improving Air Quality with Better Ventilation

Keep reading to find out which allergens and contaminants your new AC system will capture, filter, and remove from the indoor atmosphere.


Manufactured products like sofas, tables, wardrobes, and carpets all emit what is known as Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs). They form a kind of indoor smog, which you might not be able to see but is actually all around you. Adverse health effects can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, skin rashes, sore throats, and chronic fatigue.


Particulates can be similar to VOCs, but they may also come from dirt and dust on shoes and clothing. Air conditioning is great at capturing these substances, but only if the filters are fully operational. We advise homeowners in Jacksonville to schedule a full HVAC service at least once every twelve months.

Mold Spores.

As already mentioned, mold cannot be permanently eliminated. However, it can be kept at healthy levels and prevented from spreading with good ventilation. If your AC system is down or not functioning properly, choose Elite AC for an honest AC repair at an affordable price.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

We have the tools to help.

We must stress the importance of proper care and maintenance. Your AC system is a delicate machine, and it needs a little help to run smoothly. Read our Duct Cleaning and Repair page to find out why vents should be inspected at least once a year].

Or, visit our HVAC Repair and Services page to find out how to register for one of our managed maintenance packages. We understand that you probably lead a busy life and may not have time for HVAC tinkering, so let us handle it on your behalf.