Dry Clothes & No Mold: Why You Need to Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean

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Dry Clothes & No Mold: Why You Need to Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean

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Dry Clothes & No Mold: Why You Need to Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean

Have you ever gone to your dryer and pulled out clothes that are half hot & fresh and half cold & damp? It’s always a little irritating to use a dryer only to have it not dry your things. However, despite it not really drying your clothes this time, you could have a much more serious problem lurking around the corner.

Even though you have some damp towels after this load, you are playing with fire by keeping your dryer vents clogged. These vents are essential to keeping you and your family safe. While Elite AC LLC is primarily a reliable AC repair Jacksonville dedicated to quality AC repair and installing new air conditioners, we also care about keeping our clients safe. In order to keep your dryer safe, here are some reasons why you should keep your dryer vents clean.

Prevent Animals From Nesting

Having a lot of dryer lint buildup is very inviting for small birds and rodents during the winter. We have a feeling that you aren’t interested in housing any woodland creatures, and especially not in your dryer. By ensuring that you keep your dryer vents clean and lint free, you can avoid having any animals calling your dryer their home.

Increase Clothing Life

If you have a lot of dryer lint build up in the vents, you could be doing a lot of damage to your clothes. A clogged vent will cause some major problems to your dryer as a whole. Stuffed vents will make the dryer perform poorly while damaging your clothes. This damage is caused by excess heat in the dryer. With a proper dryer vent cleaning, your clothes will last longer.

Cost Effective

Keeping your clothes lasting longer is cost effective enough, but taking less time to dry means you’re saving money on your power bill. A dirty lint screen means you’re using 30% more energy to dry that load. The airflow is what dries the clothes, and a clogged dryer vent prevents airflow. If you’d like to save some money on your energy consumption, clean your dryer vents. (And maybe invest in a new air conditioner with the savings!)

Clogged Dryer Vents Are Dangerous

The lint in your dryer vent is extremely flammable. By leaving it in the vent – and running a hot dryer – you are running a huge risk of that lint catching fire. There are over 15,000 structure fires that are caused by dryers alone in our country. Don’t be a statistic; clean out your dryer vent and keep your home safe.

No More Mold

Because dryers wick the moisture away from the clothing, that moisture needs to go somewhere. It usually travels through a vent as steam and escapes through your roof. If that vent is clogged, you will start to see black mold forming behind your dryer. By keeping this vent clear, you can avoid mold altogether.

Elite AC LLC: A Reliable AC Repair Jacksonville Company That Can Clean Your Dryer

Not only do we perform reliable AC repair Jacksonville and new air conditioner installation, we are also able to help you with your dryer cleaning. HVAC is important to us, and we’d be happy to help you with your ventilation ducts. Our team of professionals are able to take a look at the vents that connect to your dryer as well as take care of any AC repairs you might have. That’s what makes us a good -no, a great – AC company.