How to Stay Cool This Summer Without High Power Bills

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June 7, 2019
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June 26, 2019
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How to Stay Cool This Summer Without High Power Bills


Summer is finally here in Jacksonville, and that means temperatures up to a 100 degrees and power bills that make you sweat. Trying to stay cool during the hot summer months without using a ton of energy can prove difficult. It’s not only a strain on your wallet, it’s a strain on your air conditioner as well. To help you stay cool this summer and lower your summer power bills, Elite AC LLC has listed some steps you can take.


The optimal temperature setting for your thermostat during the hot summer months is the perfect balance between comfort and energy savings. According to, the optimal temperature is 78 degrees while you’re at home. When the house is empty, they recommend increasing the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees, which will save you up to 10 percent on your summer power bills.


Using a programmable smart thermostat will help you efficiently control your AC during the summer and use less energy. Try installing a smart Wi-Fi thermostat. With the unpredictable rain storms during the summer months, which lower the outside temperature, a Wi-Fi thermostat will let you remotely adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. Whenever the outside temperature drops, it’s always good to raise the indoor temperature.


Making sure your AC is in tiptop condition is essential to get the most out of your unit. If one part isn’t functioning properly, it can affect the performance of all the other parts. If your AC suddenly stops working or is struggling to keep your Jacksonville home cool, having a professional perform AC repair or scheduled maintenance is the best way to diagnose and solve the problem. Everything from a dirty evaporator coil to clogged filters can affect the performance of your AC and make it work harder than it should. With the right professional help, you can have your AC working like new again, which will help keep you cool and lower your energy usage.


If keeping your home at 78 degrees seems too warm for you, there are alternative methods you can use to stay cool without running up your power bills.

  • Ceiling and stationary fans are great for lowering a room’s temperature. Fans help circulate and maximize the cool air your AC produces. During the hot summer months, set your ceiling fans to run in a counter clockwise direction. This will make the fan blow cool air directly down on you.
  • Use LED bulbs instead of fluorescent or halogen bulbs that put off heat. LED bulbs also use less energy and save you money in the long run.
  • Insulate your doors and windows with tighter seals. This will help keep the air conditioned air inside and the hot air out.
  • Summer nights are perfect for grilling. Using the grill more and the oven less will keep your AC from having to combat unnecessary cooking heat.

This summer, don’t put up with a hot home and high power bills. Call the experts at Elite AC LLC today, and we’ll help you beat the heat and save money.