New Air Conditioner Jacksonville: Homage to the Forerunners

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November 17, 2017
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New Air Conditioner Jacksonville: Homage to the Forerunners

New Air Conditioner Jacksonville

New Air Conditioner Jacksonville: Homage to the Forerunners


Florida contains an immense history new air conditioner Jacksonville. From inventions such as suntan cream or the incandescent light bulb to key lime pie and Gatorade, Floridians are full of creative, forward progressing ideas. Ergo, who better than one of our very own to invent one of the most used luxuries enjoyed today? Yes ladies and gentlemen, Floridian Dr. John Gorrie is the forefather to air conditioning. Considered as the pioneer of air conditioning and refrigeration, Dr. John Gorrie invented an ice making machine in an attempt to cure Yellow Fever. He was convinced that cold was a healer and was an avid supporter for using ice to cool sick rooms and reduce fevers. Ice was shipped by boat from northern lakes until Dr. Gorrie successfully used the rapid expansion of gases to create refrigeration during the 1840s.

From this development, early air cooling systems used steam or horsepower to create ice, however, that never reached any level of economic prosperity. Decades later, during the early 1900s, an inventor by the name of Willis Carrier discovered a way to lower the humidity in the air through cooling techniques. This was the first incarnation of modern “air conditioning”.

From here, Carrier created these systems on a larger scale for halls and theaters. This introduced cooling as a means of comfort in certain entertainment areas. However, most cooling liquids during this period were flammable. The aforementioned created a safety risk in areas where these systems were being used. It wasn’t until soon after Carrier’s discovery that General Motors developed the use of a non-flammable type of cooling liquid duly noted as chlorofluorocarbon or CFC coolants and implemented them in new air conditioner Jacksonville units.

Freon is a trademarked name for one of these cooling agents that you may be familiar with. Another cooling agent called puron consists of hydrofluorocarbon or HFC. It is a blend considered to be more environmentally friendly. In modern times, roughly all cooling systems or new air conditioners Jacksonville use new types of refrigerants, like carbon dioxide and ammonia, because they are not as harmful to the environment as their predecessors.

Floridians are forever grateful to those who created a sense of rejuvenating life that graces us during the hot days Florida has year round. Whether shopping for the ac unit in the car, or placing a new air conditioner Jacksonville unit inside of a bedroom window, utilization of such amazing technology is imperative to live a comfortable, healthy life in Florida. We tip our hats to these great men. Thank you.


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