What is Duct Sealing and How Can it Improve Home Efficiency?

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What is Duct Sealing and How Can it Improve Home Efficiency?

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For residents of Jacksonville, air conditioning is a necessity to ensure your home is comfortable for you and your family. The temperatures and humidity can be overwhelming during the summer months, and nothing provides more relief than a new air conditioner when the thermostat starts rising. However, with more air conditioning comes more expensive electricity bills that can end up costing you a lot of your hard-earned money. 

To help reduce these costs, here are some ways you can make your AC more efficient and lower your power bills.

Save Money With AC Repair

Buying a brand new air conditioner is not always necessary or even affordable for a lot of people. If you notice your AC is not cooling, you should start by giving a good AC company in Jacksonville a call and schedule an appointment for efficiency testing.

Having an expert involved will ensure sure that you get maximum output from your HVAC system. There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner may not be working at its best, and an HVAC specialist will be able to assess the situation and tell you what the problem is. 

AC Maintenance: Duct Sealing

One of the most common techniques to help improve the efficiency of your home air conditioning is to first look at all of the attached ductwork. Over time these ducts can shift, slide and develop holes. The process of duct sealing is designed to prevent this from happening and keep the cool air where it’s supposed to be.

Your specialist will start by identifying all of the problem areas and figuring out what the proper fix will require. They will use a combination of insulation and other materials to fill gaps and also completely cover the ducts to ensure no leakage. When the air is flowing exactly where it should, your system will run more effectively and more efficiently, which will make your home more comfortable and save you energy. 

What if I Need AC Replacement in Jacksonville?

There comes a time in the life of every product that it just stops working and the repair costs are not worth the investment anymore. Unfortunately, AC repairs sometimes just stop becoming viable and you need to pull the trigger on a new system. By choosing a good AC company with a solid reputation, you will be sure to get exactly what you need to keep your home comfortable.

AC Repair Before AC Purchase

A quality HVAC system can provide you a lot of extra comfort and is worth every penny on those sweltering hot days. You will not always need to go out and buy something brand new if your current AC isn’t working as planned. It pays to talk to a specialist and see what they can do for you in the realm of AC repair. Duct sealing and general maintenance may be exactly what you need to make your system more efficient and to lower your home energy costs.

If you’re ever in need of AC repair or replacement, call the pros at Elite AC LLC today.