Why Your AC Size Matters

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Why Your AC Size Matters

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Summers in Jacksonville bring extreme heat and humidity. This combination can make it very difficult for your AC to keep your home at the desired temperature, and in some cases, you’re never able to get the temperature low enough. 

If this sounds like you, it could be that your AC system is too small for your space. Having the right sized system for your home is the most important thing to take into account when considering AC replacement. Below we’ve listed reasons why having the right size AC makes all the difference. 

A unit that is too small for a space will have to constantly run to reach the temperature on the thermostat, especially if it’s hot outside. And oftentimes, a unit that is too small will simply be unable to cool the space. So, if your thermostat is set to 72 but the indoor temperature is 77, your unit is probably too small.

Even if your unit reaches the desired temperature, it had to work much harder to do so than an adequately sized system would have. This inefficiency will lead to more energy consumption and higher power bills and can shorten the life of your unit. A unit that’s too small will also struggle to remove humidity from the indoor air, which can make your home extremely uncomfortable. 

Most people outside of the AC profession are unaware that bigger doesn’t mean better. If an air conditioning system is too large for your home or business, it will cool the space in an inefficient manner. It will quickly reach the set temperature and then turn off before it finishes the full cycle it was specifically designed for. When it does this, it will have to cut on again when heat inevitably infiltrates the space. The constant act of cutting on and off, known as short cycling, will waste energy and increase your power bills. 

Short cycling can also create mold in your home. A full cycle takes between 20 and 30 minutes to condition the indoor air and remove humidity. But if your AC unit is too large and is short cycling, it will not run long enough to properly dehumidify the air, which can create the perfect environment for mold growth. 

So, what size should your AC system be? Typically, it’s one ton for every 500 square feet. If your home or business is around 1,500 square feet, a 3-ton AC unit should do the job. But if your home is newer and built to be more energy efficient, 2.5 tons might be a better fit. If an HVAC professional knows the exact square footage, they will be able to recommend the right system for your space. And when you have the right system, you’ll stay cool and comfortable, and reduce humidity and energy consumption. 

If you’re having a hard time staying cool this summer, and your AC is constantly running or short cycling, call the pros at Elite AC LLC. We’ll make sure your system is the right size and help you find the perfect replacement.