Jacksonville AC Repair & Tune Up

There’s nothing worse than welcoming the first truly hot day of the year, only to find that your air conditioning system doesn’t want to play ball. The summer heat in Jacksonville is no joke and being left without a cool, comfortable home is a nightmare situation for most. Fortunately, Elite AC LLC is on hand to solve all of your AC woes.

We provide an extensive range of AC repairs and deal with everything from clogged filters to faulty burners, tripped breakers, and blown fuses.

While careful maintenance can prevent many of these problems, the reality is that accidents happen. Sometimes, life gets hectic, and we don’t always have time to replace filters or dust the vents.

How Do I Know if My AC System is Faulty?

Check your air conditioning.

It isn’t always a case of trying to switch the AC system on and getting nothing but an exhausted sputter in response. Often, the first sign of a problem is an issue with the air conditioning. So, for example, your AC is blowing hot right in the middle of one of the hottest days in Jacksonville. Or, the AC is leaking water from the condensate line.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of efficiency. Every month, Elite AC LLC deals with AC systems that have simply grown sluggish. It might not sound like a big problem, but don’t forget that they continue to use the same amount of electricity even if they’re not performing at the required level. This is why you need to get in touch with our team and arrange an inspection.

What AC Repairs Do You Provide?

Replacement Filters.

Replacing AC filters is something that you can do yourself. However, we understand that not everybody knows how to do this, particularly with their first ever installation. You might also forget to replace dirty filters and find that the entire system has become clogged. Our technicians can fit new ones and prevent your AC from blowing hot or breaking down.

Pilot/Ignition Problems.

There are all kinds of reasons why an HVAC system can develop ignition problems. The most common is a dirty pilot, flame sensor, or burner. If left unaddressed, it can cause serious damage and even lead to a situation where your AC is down completely. We can inspect the internal components and safely replace the hot surface ignitor or thermocouple if needed.

Fuse/Breaker Maintenance.

If your HVAC is down, it could be because the system has overheated. You need to keep an eye out for vents in the AC blowing hot, especially during humid weather. If any of the ducts are clogged, it will put extra pressure on the internal mechanisms. It’s best to call the Elite AC team for repairs before the whole system heats up and the furnace starts to malfunction. This just a small selection of the HVAC repairs that we provide. All cases are judged on an individual basis. Our team will discuss the matter with you first, but an inspection is required before we can confirm what type of repair is needed.

Do You Carry Out AC Servicing?

Yes, we do offer AC servicing at Elite AC LLC.

In fact, we strongly recommend it, particularly for older systems. It’s a great way to avoid the need for repairs because it identifies problems before they become big faults or breaks. It’s very rare for a system that is regularly serviced to start AC leaking or run sluggishly when you’re trying to heat rooms. Visit our Service Areas page to find out where we can help you.