Nest Smart AC Thermostats

When it comes to HVAC innovation, few inventions have generated as much excitement as the Nest Smart Thermostat. So, Elite AC LLC is proud to be affiliated with this remarkable technology. It’s something that we love bringing to Jacksonville homeowners because it can have such a big impact on heating and cooling routines.

As the best AC Company in Jacksonville, we have a reputation for quality.

Yet, it’s about more than how fast we can install a new air conditioner or repair a faulty heating element. To be the best, you’ve got to drive development and invest in progressive, positive change. With the Nest Smart Thermostat, Elite AC is investing in a greener, cleaner future.

What Is the Nest Smart Thermostat?

The Nest is special.

The Nest thermostat is special because it has the ability to ‘learn.’ It operates in the same way as a regular thermostat might (lowering and raising the internal temperature), but it uses IoT data to automate its settings. In other words, after you’ve pushed the buttons and turned the dials for a week, the thermostat memorizes your preferences.

All of a sudden, you don’t have to get in from work and turn the heating on. Your Nest system knows that this is something you do every day, at the same time, and it beats you to the punch. When you leave the house, it waits a while and then switches itself off to save money and energy. The longer you own it, the smarter Nest gets. What a clever little device.

How Does Nest Help with My AC Settings?

Recent updates have linked Nest and HVAC.

While the Nest thermostat is primarily designed to control and automate heating systems, recent updates have linked it to HVAC and dehumidifiers as well. Airwave is a relatively new feature which optimises AC settings for energy conservation. It decides when to use the air conditioner fan in isolation, as opposed to automatically using the fan and the compressor.

This is a great way to maintain desired temperatures but without consuming excessive amounts of electricity. It is expected that Nest will continue to roll out functions for its smart thermostat. So, the Elite AC website is a good place to look for news and updates. In fact, you visit our News page for information on developments within the HVAC industry.

Do I Need a Nest Thermostat in My Home?

We can give you access to clean air.

This is a question that only you can answer. As a Jacksonville HVAC installer, it’s no surprise that Elite AC recommends the technology. Our job is to give you access to all of the tools needed for clean, healthy air. The Nest Thermostat is a device that can help you breathe easier and pay less for the privilege.

Nevertheless, we know that installations like this are a big investment. Whether you’re buying a new air conditioner or choosing an HVAC replacement, it has to be right. We never pressure our customers into making a purchase. We provide information, support, advice, and the technical skills needed to guarantee a good job. The rest is up to you.

If you’d like to speak with the team directly about a Nest or other installation, visit our Contact page. The fastest way to speak to a technician is to give us a call or drop us an email message. You’ll find a live email window at the bottom of the page.