Jacksonville Whole House Testing

It’s easy to take the air we breathe for granted. Or, to assume that it must be the same everywhere we go. Yet, the truth is that air quality is highly variable. It is particularly volatile in your home, where the level of pollution can be as much as five times higher than it is outdoors. So, while you may think that your home is healthy, have you taken the time to check lately?

More than any other company in Jacksonville, Elite AC LLC is an expert in indoor air quality.

With our top of the line HVAC products, you can vastly improve the atmosphere in your home. The right air conditioning system is a deadly weapon in the fight against airborne allergens, irritants, VOCs, mold, and particulates.

The Benefits of Whole House Testing

We have a wide range of services.

Elite AC delivers a wide range of HVAC related services to homeowners in the Jacksonville area. They include AC maintenance and repairs, as well as heating installations and annual duct and vent inspections. We also offer a very special service to customers who need help diagnosing ventilation problems in their properties.

This is our whole house testing service, and it is designed to identify the underlying causes of poor quality air. So, if your AC is making a load of noise and your home feels damp or dusty, it’s our job to find out why. You really do need a good AC company for a successful house review, and Elite AC is Jacksonville’s finest.

How Do I Know If I Need an Indoor Air Test?

All homes are different.

There’s no exact answer to this because all homes are different. What feels right for you might feel completely wrong for somebody else. However, there are some common issues that we deal with on a regular basis. If any of the following concerns have developed in your property, please get in touch with our team.

  • Rooms Always Feel Too Hot or Cold
  • Surfaces Are Constantly Dusty
  • The Air Feels Damp or Humid
  • Heating/AC Bills Are Out of Control
  • You Suffer from Chronic Cold or Flu

How Does Whole House Testing Improve Air Quality?

We map out your airflow patterns.

Elite AC can carry out a home review even if you don’t own an HVAC system. However, keep in mind that the best solution for poor quality air is reliable air conditioning. So, if we do spot major problems, we’re going to recommend that you invest in one of our AC installations. If you’ve already got an HVAC setup, you may need to have it professionally cleaned.

During a house test, we use various tools to map out the airflow patterns in your home. The goal is to find out where they are entering, so we can determine their impact. For instance, lots of ‘unhealthy’ air comes from crawl spaces and attics because they lack insulation. Sealing up holes and rebalancing the atmosphere with a good AC system is the best solution.

How Much Does It Cost to Test a House?

It varies project to project.

This depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your property and the type of ventilation problems it is experiencing. Nevertheless, we are a good AC Company, and we make our rates very clear before allowing customers to proceed. You’ll be given a project quote (possibly after a home consultation) and given as much time as you need to consider it.

Once the house test is complete, you’ll receive a full breakdown of the findings. This includes any recommendations we have for improving your indoor air quality. There is never any pressure to go ahead with these changes. You can purchase HVAC equipment from Elite AC, you can get it from another vendor, or you can leave things as they are. It’s your choice.

If you are interested in buying a heating or air conditioning system from Elite AC LLC, click here to find out which Brands we carry.