AC Maintenance Jacksonville: Tips For Your AC Unit Before Your Next Vacation

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November 24, 2017
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AC Maintenance Jacksonville: Tips For Your AC Unit Before Your Next Vacation

AC Maintenance Jacksonville Vacation

AC Maintenance Jacksonville: Tips For Your AC Unit Before Your Next Vacation

Are you planning a road trip? Maybe a couple of nights away from your home in Jacksonville? You deserve some time out of your home – you work hard, and you should reap the rewards every now and then.

There’s no doubt you have a checklist of sorts that you go through before you leave. Packing, letting neighbors know you’ll be gone, someone to get your mail, etc. But do you have ac maintenance Jacksonville on your list? If you don’t, you should. Here are some things you can do to prevent any issues with your AC maintenance Jacksonville while you’re away.

Check the Air Filters

Our team at Elite AC LLC sees filter issues far too often when we do ac maintenance Jacksonville calls. These filters keep the dirt, dust, pollen, and anything else you can breathe in out of your home. This improves the air quality. The fact of the matter is that air filters for your AC system are very easy to maintain on your own. By changing your filter before you go, your AC unit will work a lot more efficiently while you’re gone.

Close Up the House

Locking the door is one thing, but it’s important to be sure that your home is completely sealed before you go – and not just for security reasons. Florida heat being what it is, you don’t want any humidity or moisture entering your home. Your AC system will have to work overtime if you leave a window open. You’ll keep your AC running efficiently and save some money on energy bills if you do this little step.

Power Down

If possible, unplug any electronics that don’t need to be on during your vacation. This drastically reduces your heating and cooling costs since your AC unit won’t have to keep these items cool on top of maintaining your home’s internal temperature. If you’re heading out for a long time, you may want to clean out your fridge and freezer then unplug those items too.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are incredible. Many of them have a smartphone app, which allows you to monitor your home’s temperature from wherever you may be. If you don’t have the app, you can always program the thermostat to keep the house at a certain temperature for the trip, then have it come back on right before you’re home.

Adjust AC for Length of Trip

Before leaving, know how long you’ll be gone for and set the AC unit accordingly. If you’re only gone for a couple of days, split the difference between your usual temperature and EPA recommended 85 degrees. If you’re heading out for a week or longer, it’s best to keep your AC at around 85 or 90.

Don’t Let Your Home Get Too Humid

Finally, you need to be sure your home doesn’t get too humid – especially during a typical Jacksonville summer. Don’t turn off your AC system when you go. Just set it at a cooler temperature than outside in order to prevent mold and mildew from forming in your home.

If you need AC maintenance Jacksonville before you hit the road, give Elite AC LLC a call. You’ll want a working AC system during your trip as well as after, so having us tune it up is a great decision. We’d be happy to help out.