Good AC Company Jacksonville: Best Ways to Raise and Lower Your Home’s Humidity

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May 18, 2018
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Good AC Company Jacksonville: Best Ways to Raise and Lower Your Home’s Humidity

Good AC Company Jacksonville: Best Ways to Raise and Lower Your Home’s Humidity

Good AC company Jacksonville Elite AC LLC care about your comfort level. When the summer temperatures start to climb, so does the humidity. Being able to manage the humidity levels in your home is just as important as controlling the temperature.


Having too low of humidity can lead to skin irritation, increased chances of cold and flue, and even lead to damaged wood flooring. While, having too high humidity can cause uncomfortable living conditions, make sleep difficult, and lead to the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home.

As you can see, your home’s humidity isn’t something you’ll want to leave up to chance.

Below we look at the best ways you can control your home’s humidity, so you can best adjust humidity levels as the seasons and weather call for.


Good AC Company Jacksonville Tips for Adjusting Your Home’s Humidity

Having a better control over the humidity in your home has to deal with being aware of what raises humidity and taking the steps to solve that problem. Below you’ll learn about the main ways you can raise and lower your home’s humidity levels.


  1. Be Aware of Common Humidity Culprits

Obviously, the outside humidity will have an effect on the humidity throughout your home. But, there are also some common activities, which can raise humidity levels in your home too.


  • Take shorter showers. Long hot showers can create a lot of steam, which can end up raising your home’s humidity, especially if you have a smaller home.
  • Your washer and dryer can also generate a lot of excess humidity. This is especially true for your dryer, as it takes the moisture from your clothing and might be set up to vent that moist back into your home.
  • Boiling water and other cooking tasks can also create excess steam. When possible cover your pots and pans while cooking.


Being aware of the humidity culprits above will help give you more control over the tasks that’ll create excess moisture throughout your home.


  1. Replace Your AC Filters

Good AC repair Jacksonville Elite AC LLC recommends regularly replacing your HVAC system’s air filter is important. Having a clean and well-functioning air filter will make it easier for cool air to pass through your home. When the air can’t pass as freely it’ll have a hard time cycling through your AC system.

Overall, this will reduce the amount of air that’s flowing through your home. Having stagnant air will make it easier to collect moisture, which will lead to increased humidity levels.


  1. Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Having a functioning central AC system will not only keep cool air flowing throughout your home. But, it’ll also help to keep that same air much drier.

As your air conditioning system gets older it’ll get much less efficient. Having a regular maintenance schedule from an honest good AC company Jacksonville will help your system remain in solid shape.


  1. Invest in a Humidifier/Dehumidifier

Beyond the steps above you can also invest in a dehumidifier for your home. This can be very beneficial for places that have warmer temperatures and high humidity levels.

You can purchase a standalone dehumidifier. However, you can also incorporate a dehumidifier directly into your HVAC system. This setup will make it so the air in your home is dehumidified as it’s cooled. Get in touch with your local … to see if this is a possibility for your home.

Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of how you can control your home’s humidity levels. Even the simple changes in tips one through three will go a long way towards redoing humidity throughout your home.

Throughout Jacksonville humidity probably isn’t something you’ll want to increase throughout your home, but by installing a humidifier/dehumidifier within your existing HVAC system the choice will always be within your control.

If you want more control over your home’s humidity, or have any other questions related to your home’s good AC company Jacksonville system, then reach out to our team of professionals today. We love helping our customers across the Jacksonville area have cool and comfortable homes.