Dehumidifiers & HVAC Service Jacksonville: Can They Work Together?

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Dehumidifiers & HVAC Service Jacksonville: Can They Work Together?

HVAC Service Jacksonville Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers & HVAC Service Jacksonville: Can They Work Together?

HVAC service Jacksonville helps maintain the efficiency of removing the moisture from the inside of your home. If you live in Jacksonville, FL, there are three constants: rain, heat, and humidity. That third one is what really gets people worked up. Heat is fine, but when it’s a sticky and cloying heat that makes you have to put on a new shirt every few hours it’s not as much fun.

HVAC systems across the country work hard to try and move that moisture away from the interior of the home. But for some homeowners, it isn’t enough. Some people take it to the next level in order to beat the humidity that their HVAC unit can’t. That’s where dehumidifiers come in. In this post, we’ll talk about how dehumidifiers, if used right, can enhance your HVAC system’s core functions and make your Jacksonville home even more liveable.

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

There are two ways that humidity can be removed from a home. The first involves a lot of chemicals called desiccants, which have a high affinity to moisture. These are used in industrial buildings, so they aren’t really meant for your home

The second method is through a refrigerant system – similar to the air conditioner in your HVAC unit. This is what dehumidifiers are designed to use. If the dehumidifier is portable, they control the humidity in a certain area. They will reduce the air to its dew point, condensing the water out of the air and collecting it on the refrigerant coil.

What Does an HVAC System Do?

The HVAC service Jacksonville unit in your home is designed to circulate air through your home and improve the air quality overall. HVAC systems are built to deliver comfort throughout the home as evenly and efficiently as possible. Because Floridians’ energy use is mainly spent on cooling the home, having an efficient HVAC unit is important to your home.

By using an outdoor and an indoor unit, the HVAC system takes air from outside, removes the heat, and pumps it to different rooms within the home.

How Can They Work Together?

The air conditioning unit within the HVAC system is charged with the task of removing humidity from the air. It does this job very well – but only when it’s turned on. When it’s off, you notice your home getting more humid by the minute.

The HVAC service Jacksonville unit can’t wick moisture if it’s not turned on, so having a dehumidifier in the home can help keep things nice and dry. When the home reaches the right temperature, the HVAC will halt activities. Meanwhile, the dehumidifier will continue to run, keeping the air nice and dry, which keeps your home nice and cool. Recent upgrades to dehumidifiers also allow for the condenser coil to be located outside, which keeps the heat down in your home.

Elite AC LLC Has the Answers You Need

Maybe you are interested in upgrading your HVAC unit, and maybe you are simply curious about dehumidifiers. If you have any questions at all, give our office a call. Our staff will be able to give you all of the details you’re looking for about any aspect of your HVAC service Jacksonville.