Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC Unit

How to Use a Nest Thermostat
August 9, 2017
How to Use a Nest Thermostat
August 9, 2017
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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC Unit


Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC Unit

The HVAC unit in your home is essential to keeping everything running smoothly. Without the HVAC, your home’s heating and ventilation wouldn’t function at all. Having a well-serviced HVAC unit can keep your home’s energy bills lower while keeping your house nice and warm in winter and cool during the summer.

Jacksonville HVAC repair doesn’t have to be complicated. It does have to be done regularly, however, or else you need to look at Jacksonville HVAC replacement. By properly maintaining your HVAC unit, you can keep it in good working order for a long time. Here are some ways for maintaining your HVAC Unit:

  1. Change Your Filters

The filters for the HVAC system keep out the things you don’t want to breathe. These become especially important in Spring and during allergy season, as they keep the dander and pollen out of the air. It’s very important to stay on top of your HVAC filter replacements. Elite AC LLC recommends that you have them changed every 2-3 months.

      2. Clean The Condenser

For your AC, the condenser can be located outside of your home. This is the heat pump with the large fan that pulls the hot air out of your home during summer. Quality HVAC service means keeping this unit free of dirt and debris. The fan on the inside needs to be cleaned, and the outside of the unit should be washed with water (Note: don’t use a pressure washer – it will damage the unit). Also be sure that the power is off before cleaning the unit.

      3. Check The Evaporator Coil & Drain

Jacksonville HVAC repairs always involve the evaporator coil and drainage system. The drainpipes can get clogged with mold, dirt, and algae from regular use and improper cleaning. If it’s been a while since you cleaned this system, you’ll likely find some dirt and built-up debris. Any wet dry vacuum will work for this part of your HVAC service regimen.

      4. Examine The Wiring

To thoroughly look through the wiring of your system, be sure the power is off. Open up the unit and begin your inspection. During this part of your HVAC DIY repairs, you’ll be looking at the connections to your heating and cooling system. Look for wires that have melted insulation or that look burned. Also be sure to check that the connections are secure.

If you feel uneasy about looking at the wiring of your own system, and don’t want to run the risk of total HVAC replacement, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

      5. Inspect & Clean Around Outdoor Unit

This part is very important. If you want your HVAC unit to run perfectly, it needs to be clean. This goes for the area surrounding the unit as well. Be sure to keep the grass and shrubs well-trimmed so they don’t interfere with the unit. If you have some plants that give off a lot of pollen, you should keep a closer eye on them. They will clog us your unit.

Elite AC LLC Can Handle Your Jacksonville HVAC Repairs

Whether you need Jacksonville HVAC service or a full HVAC replacement, Elite AC LLC can take on the task. We have a crew of well-trained people who want to have your unit running smoothly. We’d be happy to help you with whatever HVAC services you may need.

Call us today at: (888) 908 – 8481 for a free quote!

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